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The Final Fantasy Clash -- An AU FF RPG
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Kadaj [userpic]

Posting here because ff_clash_rpg is on the to-be-purged list for inactivity and I'm trying to stave it off. My original plan was to collect all the threads and put them online somewhere.

Selphie Tilmitt [userpic]

Where: Balamb Garden.
Rating: Low.
Character: Selphie.
Reply: Rinoa. ((Just ask if you would like to jump in at some point though. ^^))

Girl Talk!Collapse )

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Zidane Tribal [userpic]

Rated PG-13, 'cause I say so XD Zidane's a little behind due to OmGaR jApAn, so forgive him, ne? ^^;Collapse )

Aaaaand now I have NO idea where this is going XD Bet it's going to intrude on people's plots though. Oh well, Zidane was going to go mad if he didn't do anything soon, so at least my sanity is saved!

Um, if anyone wants to have their character see him leave, feel free to reply >>; But he's too far gone to be caught up with now, so this isn't really open for RP XD; Sorry!

- Kazzii

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Tifa Lockheart [userpic]

Tifa Thinks Over EverythingCollapse )

((OOC : Uh yeah, she's...um yes >.>))

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Zidane Tribal [userpic]

Blank's past, because it's long overdue. xD; And I got bored at 2:00AM. Go figure. ^^; I neglect poor Blank too much.Collapse )

[ Here you go, you nosey little moogles who insisted on pressuring Kiros to make his move. I hope you're happy and that this makes up for my long abscence! ]

Kiros has written a letter to Laguna. And this is what he wrote.Collapse )

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Zidane Tribal [userpic]

Blank felt very smug with himself as he rolled the palm-sized nut across the bar from hand to hand, eyes bright and alert from the spicy fragrance that drifted through the musty scent of aged wood and alcohol that permeated the bar. It was moments like this that made him honestly wonder whether or not he had a seed of pure evil in him, especially since he not only felt no hesitation for what he was about to do to his hapless friend, he actually anticipated it. He had called Reno not ten minutes before, requesting his presence at the Panther's Den, a sweetly innocent story of how he felt like having a few drinks with his good friend fed into the conversation. Now he was waiting, happily plotting over his first drink, finalizing plans so that everything would run smoothly. What was taking Reno?

Tifa Lockheart [userpic]

Tifa covered her mouth and nose as she walked the streets of Midgar.

Her eyes tracked across the ruins and she sighed deeply, how had it ever come to this? She swallowed hard and let her hands fall to her side. She would not be disgusted by this place. This had been her home for many years and she had made good friends in this place, she owed it more respect than scrunching up her nose at it.

She wandered over what remained of the town. A small smile curling the tips of her lips up as she remembered the days that had past, the laughter and the better days. The days when everything had been so complicated and yet so simple all at the same time. Tifa eventually located where her bar had been and she took a seat on the ground and simply looked at the space. As her mind went back over her memories, she realised something. She missed those days.

The woman was so caught up in her memories, she didn't notice the eyes that watched her from the dark shadows. She didn't hear the whispers of Avalanche and she didn't even hear them as they sprung on her. A muffled scream was the only sound that pierced the disturbing quiet which had fallen over Midgar since the days of old.

And once more, silence fell over the otherwise deserted city.

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Squall and Quistis break the news to Cid.Collapse )

Tifa Lockheart [userpic]

Tifa slipped her bag on over her shoulders and glanced over her shoulder. A nostalgic look overcame her face before with a determined nod, she flicked the light switch off and shut the door behind her. She had left her computer off and her online journal behind, she hadn't looked at any of the journals this morning.

She was falling off the face of the planet and that meant not having anything to do with it or the people on it. The journals were probably another assortment of melodrama and angst anyhow and it wasn't like she cared about who was having the angst. So what was the point to looking?

With a deep breath, she jumped down her steps and set off down the road. She still had no idea where she was going. Perhaps back to Midgar to deal with some old memories and find what remained of the bar and the slums. It was a thought that was for sure and often, one had to face their past in order to push on with their future.

Her head tipped up towards the sky and her eyes watched as the clouds passed above her. She continued walking the road, her gloves pulled on tight around her hands just in case she ran into something or someone less than pleasant but she couldn't stop herself from looking back once. With an almost wistful expression, Tifa sighed and turned her head back around before continuing on.

She soon vanished into the distance.

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