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The Final Fantasy Clash -- An AU FF RPG
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Selphie Tilmitt [userpic]

Where: Balamb Garden!
Character: Selphie.
Reply: Everyone's invited!

Last Minute Preparations of the Garden FestivalCollapse )

Aragorn [userpic]

...Well. Here he was. Standing in front of the place that Yuna called home. And now he was at a loss as to how he was going about this entrance thing. Did he knock or call out, or what?

Maybe she wasn't even there. He hadn't exactly defined when he'd be stopping by. But she wanted to see him... right? She'd said she did. So she'd be findable, if she wasn't here, wouldn't she? He grimaced at himself and shook his head. Why was he stressing over this? It wasn't like... He was expecting anything.

So, after shaking himself and drawing a deep breath, he called out, hoping she'd answer.

"....Yuna? You here?"

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Tifa Lockheart [userpic]

Tifa and Cloud set off for WutaiCollapse )

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Reno [userpic]

'Holy shit, I really am like a fucking 13 year old.'

Reno was not happy with himself. Having recieved Blank's note to meet him at the nearest bar, he had promtly thrown on the clothes closest to him - and had gotten halfway out the door before realising how terrible he must have looked. So, retreating back to his bedroom, he took a bit more time. 'C'mon Reno, he's a thief, clothes don't matter to him' he had thought, but then again.. Blank
had told him he wore his clothes with style. 'Damn, make it hard why don't you?'

Eventually he was done, wearing his normal suit jacket and pants, but in a slightly lighter shade of blue than usual. He didn't bother with a tie.

And now he was at the bar - 'The
Panther's Den? What kind of a name is that!? Oh lord..' - pushing open the door and taking a look around. He had lit a cigarette, half out of habit, half out of need, and it stuck from between his lips. He took a puff and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room.

Tifa Lockheart [userpic]

Tifa tries her hand at this AIM convo type thingCollapse )

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Kuja [userpic]

have you heard the tale of Sleeping Beauty?Collapse )

[xD This is open to anyone, really, though I doubt anyone will try except for Sephiroth. Poor, unloved Kuja. Anyone and everyone who does try will have to race Sephie and give Tiamat a damn good reason to let you through though. ^.~ Heh. This entire mini-plot is just me being silly. Oh, and s/he who kisses Kuja is stuck with him. Charm spell, you understand. Powerful one.]

And the e-mail to SephirothCollapse )

Tseng [userpic]

Tseng hadn't had any real human contact in a very long time.Collapse )

Forever Rydia [userpic]

After getting off of AIM with Sephiroth and Aerith.  Rydia clambered off her green silk bed and closed her laptop up.  She scampered away and then took out some bags, throwing clothes and the whatnot into it at random.  "Laguna and Kiros are good to go right now, they don't need my help.  Sephiroth does."  Rydia reasoned as she threw a green sparkly baby-t shirt into the bag.  Of course while she was doing that, her trusted moogle friend, Kupachino started to hop up and down, before finally trying to sneak into her bag.

She saw the bon bon disapper and she reached over, trying to grab the moogle by the back of the neck. "Hey, you can come too..  no sneaking.. besides I need all the room I can get for the stuff I will need."  She murmured this as she threw a few more items into the bag.

Finally she was packed and ready to go.  She glanced around her room shiftily before finally she grabbed up the bag and threw it over her shoulders with surpising strength for one so delicate looking.  "Time to save Sephiroth's dignity.. and perhaps teach him a few.. people things.  We're going to turn to that diamond in the rough into a stunning gemstone.  When we get through with him, Cloud will either scream at us to turn him back -or- thank us.  In which case we will have gotten the reaction we wanted."  Rydia then headed toward the dimensional portal that would take her to Kalm.  And she did, landing right in the square, with her faithful moogle in tow.

"Now to find the inn.."  Rydia mused as she made a purposeful stalk toward where she percieved the inn to be.  Hopefully Sephiroth would be waiting there.

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Tifa Lockheart [userpic]

Cloud and Tifa catch up with one anotherCollapse )

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Laguna Loire [userpic]

The trip was uneventful so far.  Though one would wonder if Laguna got lost because he was too busy looking at the scenary and bopping his head to the music that he forgot to actually look at the road maps or follow directions.  Laguna didn't mind being lost very much however in this situation he was walking the fine line between wanting to go back to Esthar and staying lost forever.  There was no comparison between this and other times.  Part of it had to do with Kiros.  Whom he knew as his best friend, but the AIM conversation with Blank had sort of left Laguna with memories that he had thought he had pushed aside fully and completely.

Once he reached a plateau and saw the Estharian landscape for himself, he parked and took the time to lean up against his car and cast his eyes on the city that he ruled.  It was hard to believe that such a large place was his responsibility, and it still seemed surreal.  At times like these he could look at the city as a man looks upon home and not because it was a place that he was obligated to come back to.

Their were only a handful of people that kept him to Esthar.  And one of them he knew to be soaking in a bath right now, probably getting himself pleasantly buzzed on beer.  He smiled fondly, that subtle age crinkle to his eyes.. the only sign that he had gotten any older.  They were laugh lines, hard earned ones.  Perhaps because he tried to always find something to laugh about.  Even the small things, it was what kept him sane in a world that at one time he thought to be crazier then himself.

However the sobering thought was.. that he knew that Kiros would know exactly what was up.  Laguna at times was frightened of his feelings, of the sheer force of them.  And he had a tendancy of wearing his heart on his sleeve for all and sundry to stare at it.  He wondered what Kiros's reaction would be.

"If I'm lucky, he'll ignore them..."  Laguna whispered as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders and bowed his head, a lock of dark brown hair falling in his eyes.  Shielding his aquamarine eyes from the rose=bronze of the setting sun cast over spires of platinum.

Laguna despite what he had told Kiros over AIM, well he was in no hurry to get home.  And so he plopped down on the grass and stretched out, proceeding to get a bit of shut eye before he traveled into Esthar... a road that he could not get lost in.  Just like he could not get lost in Winhill.  Where-ever Kiros was.. it was impossible to get lost.  At least now it was.

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