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The Final Fantasy Clash -- An AU FF RPG
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December 2011
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Selphie Tilmitt [userpic]

Where: Balamb Garden.
Rating: Low.
Character: Selphie.
Reply: Rinoa. ((Just ask if you would like to jump in at some point though. ^^))

The decorations and aftermath having been cleaned and done more easily than they were put up, as consistent with the laws of entropy, the young SeeD girl could finally attend to matters of average life as both a student, and more importantly, friend. Seeing everyone at the party had struck again the chords of a bittersweet nostalgia. And it seemed that as quickly and naturally that they had come together, in just the same respect had the whirlwinds of life picked them up and scattered them all again. At least now, though, they were all within good contact of one another with hopes of more endeavors in the future.

Standing just outside the fringes of the cafeteria boundaries, along the open corridor and its large stone windows, Selphie waited for her expected company that morning to arrive. There were two hot cups of peppermint hot chocolate closed by the convenient plastic seals with the small drinking opening at one edge beside her. On the opposite end, there were also two warm, small, rectangular packages of apple and cherry pie. Selphie didn't know which, if any, Rinoa preferred, so for the time being she simply sipped consistently at the liquid heaven while leaning against the borders and outside. As for the thoughts that filled her idle mind, they simply tried not to jump to any assumptions or conclusions for the time being.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

Rinoa tugged at her shirt nervously as she made her way toward the cafeteria. She had plans to meet Selphie of course, to talk. Rinoa had many things on her mind and she was going to come clean today even if it meant telling her things not even Angelo knew.

She considered, out of everyone, Selphie as her best friend. Not only that but this was about some serious girl issues. She smiled warmly as she approached the cafeteria and saw Selphie waiting there for her.

Giving a simple wave of her hand she walked up to her. "Did I keep you waiting long Selphie?" She asked innocently with a look of concern.