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Where all Fantasies become One...

~ An AU Final Fantasy Role Play ~

The Final Fantasy Clash -- An AU FF RPG
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[Created 9/13/04]

Welcome to the new Final Fantasy Clash role playing game, we hope you enjoy your stay and decide to play [and play nice, yes? ~.^] with us and help the game to grow and be special and ultimately; very fun.

We're trying to make this community well orginized first off and as you'll notice as of now there are two sub-communities along with this one, more on all that later. For now we must get on to important things...:


This is an Alternate Universe role play. Making the effort to create your own storylines [with help of other gamers of course] so players are basically free to do what they please, with whatever characters they please.

We did not want to start a game with a forced storyline {as the majority are as such and while that can be wonderful, we wanted to be a breakaway from that} because we wanted the basis of this roleplay to be that someone creates their own storylines with any and all characters if they wish. It takes effort, but it builds fabulous characterization in the meantime.

As Square-Enix says; half the fun of an RPG is discovery!

Just think of every major place from every Final Fantasy game in this one world. Balamb Garden? Nibeiheim? Alexandria? Everywhere in between? All here.

No characters are officially "dead". So if your character died throughout the course of his or her game, you can decide how you want to explain thier return among the living. [If you even feel like you want to explain it.]

We think of it making it much easier to start something that is all your own and interact with whomever your character feels the urge. Have fun with it. But please make it obvious where your character is at a given time to not stir confusion.

Simple enough? ^_^ Good. If there are any questions at any time, post it in ff_clash_ooc, or contact the Head Mod.

heed them and all will be well in the Fantasy world...er, sort of

1.] Stay active. Being very active via your character's AIM name is great but you must keep your journals up to date. You're journals are your characters personal thoughts, feelings and memories, keep them going. You aren't expected you to post every day, but try to at least post in your journals once every one-to-two weeks. At two[+] weeks, we will make a Mod-Update entry in the ff_clash_mods journal to tell the active players who is indeed active, "dead", and up for adoption.

2.] Advent Children characters and some OC's are allowed..but under certain conditions. Go here to see what we mean.

3.] Not God Modding/Playing. That's rather self explanatory, but... Do NOT control characters that are not yours, unless given permission from the original owner. [Don't forget to post such on the OOC community to let us all know so you don't confuse or get penalized for doing so even if you got permission from the owner.]

4.] Please, no players under the age of 18 please. [Depending on the said person, we do reserve the right to bend that rule.] We want this to be a very mature and well played game. On a same topic; don't play your character like they're a grade school dropout. Minor intelligence isn't asking much. ^^;;

5.] Another tie-in to rule 4; please make an attempt to use proper grammar/spelling in your entries/AIM conversations/community posted SL's. We are aware that there is a-lot of slang with certain characters in the games and we love it, but just be understandable with what you're trying to express.

6.] We are very Yaoi/Yuri friendly. But we do recognize how for some female-muns it can seem unfair if the majority of the male characters are adopted and all have a male interest, so we do ask that you keep that in mind and...not "hog" or make all your characters all unwavering and one-dimensional.

7.] Have respect to the games and your characters. Try your best to keep as much as the original characters personality as you can. Of course we want you to make them your own, [add new quirks, love interests, feelings, etc.] but basically just using the character as a shell for a completely different person/personality is not good, nor fun. There would be no reason to be a certain character if you didn't want to really be the character now would there?

8.] Have respect for your Moderators and fellow gamers. Understandably, we're not going to get along and agree with everyone all the time, but taking your proverbial ball and going home in a huff or throwing a tantrum will do you no good either. If there is a problem or you have a question or a request for either the mods or another player, post it in the community ff_clash_ooc, reply to a mod post in ff_clash_mods or privately contact a Moderator.

Harassment and general childishness will NOT be tolerated and will lead to a banning if your one [and only] warning is not heeded.

9.] For the moment, no more than two characters per person considering the recent birth of this community. We apologize in advance. This may change in the future, but it's better to have a low number and be able to raise it, than a relatively high number and be forced to lower it later and literally steal characters away from good owners.

10.] To apply and request a character, add ff_clash_mods join the open community ff_clash_ooc and fill out the Player/Character form located in the info. Do not post your form in this community as ff_clash_rpg is strictly IC and a moderated community, when approved you'll be sent a request to join the main community.

Community Map

Repliable scene thread/complete AIM scene posting.
{Viewable by Friends/Community members only.}

Applications. {On Info Page}
Adoptable Journals. {On Info Page}
Banned List. {On Info Page}
Character Request/Application posting.
OOC Questions/Concerns/Irritations posting.
Any random player/game related things.

Moderators' journal.
Where admin updates are posted. {Members Locked.}
Journal used when the Mods advertise.

Final Fantasy Clash the RPG

(* and + indicates the moderator's characters)

Kefka Palazzo--
twisted_jester AIM: MadnessInfused
Edgar Roni Figaro-- royal_shock AIM: The One Chainsaw
Celes Chere-- _runicblade AIM: Magic Infusion

Sephiroth-- severed_strings AIM: Orphaned Puppet
*Cloud Strife-- cloudedinstrife AIM: Omnislash CS
Tifa Lockheart-- _ikickyourass_ AIM: Tiflockheart7
Cid Highwind-- _chainsmoker AIM: Pilot Smoke
Vincent Valentine-- bloody_vincent AIM: Broken Vincent
+Yuffie Kisaragi-- a_materia_girl AIM: NinjaGirlYuf
Zack-- __loudmouth AIM : FCSoldierDude

Kadaj-- i_am_kadaj AIM: Insanity Hazard
Yazuu-- lesser_deity AIM: I am Yazuu

Seifer Almasy-- _firecross AIM: xThis Is Eternal
Squall Leonhart-- _frozensolitude AIM: xFrozenSolitude
Rinoa Heartilly-- secret_promises AIM: Ace of Capricorn
Quistis Trepe-- bluemagicwoman AIM: BlueMageWoman
*Zell Dincht-- tattooed_zealot AIM: Booya Z Dincht
Fujin-- exclaimation AIM: AIM: skewd_sight

Garnet Til Alexandros-- esper_princess AIM: Esper Princess
Eiko Carol-- kid_summoner AIM: Mog is Awesome
Beatrix-- _save_the_queen AIM: xRoseOfMay

Tidus-- _blitzed AIM: Blitzed Hero
+Yuna-- _summoner_yuna_ AIM: MissYunaSummoner

Paine-- fighter_spirit AIM: XxFull Throttle

Original Characters
Rylie Segura-- _charismatic AIM: Rylie Segura